5 Best Interior Paint Options

5 Best Interior Paint Options

There is no better way to spruce up the interior of your home than a bright and cozy paint job. The perfect shade of paint colour and sheen, matched with a smooth high-quality finish can make any surface and for that matter, any interior space, come to life. 

But how do we choose the perfect interior paint for our homes? After all, there are countless interior paint options available on the market, with limitless colours and brands to choose from.

Well, to help make all our lives a tad simpler we have compiled a shortlist of the 5 best interior paint options we believe would fit perfectly with any home interior. From modern paint jobs to traditional favorites here is our list of the top 5!

Types Of Interior Paints & Their Benefits

Before we dive into the list of the top 5 let us first take a look at the different types of interior paints available on the market. When it comes to home interior paint varieties one can choose between acrylic or latex (water-based), alkyd (oil-based paint), and other alkyd variants. 

Interior paint does not only include wall paint but other paint types as well, which are meant for furnishing and trim to give your interior space the finish it deserves. Choosing the right type of paint, for the surface, you intend to paint on, (otherwise known as the “substrate”) is crucial in ensuring that the paint job is as durable and fast and efficient as possible.

Different paint types can also offer varying advantages for the type of interior paint project you have in mind. For example, self-priming interior paint is a unique paint type that offers a combination of both primers and paints in one can. While traditional primers do still need to be used when adhesion or stain blocking features are needed, and should never be completely overlooked in lue of a paint and primer combo coating. However, in some applications, this higher quality paint can provide superior colour covering without the need for primer.

And that’s just the start of the variations offered. Most paint manufacturers offer paint types with no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which essentially means no harmful chemicals are added or used in its making. This makes Zero-VOC paint types the safest paint option for a child’s bedroom or any other indoor living space. 

When buying interior paint a top tip is to always read the label to check and see if the paint you are buying has a label that reads either Low-VOC or Zero-VOC. Always remember, Zero-VOC water-based acrylic paint is by far the most preferred option for home interiors. Not only are they toxin-free but also they tend to dry faster making them perfect for indoor use.

Other interior paint types differentiate themselves in terms of the durability they offer. Some paint types offer resistance against water damage, while others are designed to be UV-resistant, fade-resistant, and even rot-resistant depending on your needs. Hence, choosing a paint type that is most applicable to your home or office space is the first step to ensuring a smooth and high-quality paint job.

Top 5 Interior Paint Finish Options

Nothing can bring about brightness and life to an interior space other than a freshly painted bright coloured lime, orange, or even red wall. If you are looking to add colour and life to your home’s interior space this option is a true and tested method. 

Such vibrant colours are perfect for the more lived-in areas of your home, such as the kitchen, washroom, or living room, as they help stimulate the mind and are even considered energizing. 

Now that we have some idea of the different types of interior paints available in the market and their varying benefits, we can dive deeper into what type of wall paint finishes we believe will light up any interior space in 2021!

The Bold Look – Satin/Pearl Finish

Ideal for trim, doors, and windows, satin is the perfect way to bring life and colour to your living space. Satin offers a glorious selection of colours and thus, is well suited for the highest traffic areas of your home or office space. It is also easy to clean and quite durable.

It is no surprise then that the satin finish is one of the most common types of interior finishes chosen by homeowners everywhere. This is because this paint type offers an almost velvety sheen finish making any colour pop! 

Brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Cloverdale, and Dulux all offer a wide variety of satin paint options that could be ideally suited for your needs.

The Royal Approach – Matte Finish

Bright or neutral colours might not always prove to be the right option for your particular taste and needs. Bedrooms, for example, look much grander and royal when complemented with darker, less glossy shades as compared to lighter ones. Colours like purple, dark blue, and even darker shades of pink can look simply amazing in a master bedroom. Also, darker colours, when done right, tend to express royalty and make for a more relaxed and sophisticated sleeping environment. 

And if you are going to be choosing a darker colour – the Matte paint sheen is not a bad option. Matte paint options offer lower shine or sheen as compared to other paint types. This makes them excellent for hiding imperfections on the wall or substrate. 

With advances in paint manufacturing technology, Matte paint has also overcome its previous handi-caps of being non-durable and hard to clean. Modern matte finishes are a lot more durable and cleanable and offer a rich look. This makes it well-suited for almost all areas of your home’s interior walls.

The Popular Choice – Eggshell Finish

Eggshell has grown to become an extremely popular paint finish thanks to its versatile composition. This paint option offers slightly more sheen or luster than Matte paints which makes them equally effective at hiding minor imperfections while also offering good coverage value. This makes them the ideal choice for interior walls.

Unlike flat paint, eggshell finishes offer a lot more durability and are easier to clean and maintain. Hence, making them ideal for medium and high-traffic areas of your home, such as hallways, living room, kitchen, kids room, and entryways.

The Ideal Compromise – Washable Flat

If you are looking for a paint type that is a tad more affordable, yet offers a rich look, and hides imperfections on walls then the washable flat can be the ideal compromise. Although it is less durable than Matte the deeper colours look terrific on high-end homes.  The greatest advantage of the washable flat is the fact that it is perhaps the best paint type for hiding imperfections and is much easier to touch-up when needed. 

Washable flat isn’t the easiest paint type to clean so it is not ideal for the more high-traffic areas of your home. However, like matte, it can look simply amazing in bedrooms and dining rooms.

The Star-Studded – Gloss Finish

If you are looking for your residential or commercial interior space to truly stand out and get noticed then an elegant and luxurious high-gloss paint finish might just be on the cards. Even though gloss is not a popular choice for homes these days it can still be a viable choice for doors, trim, cabinetry, or feature even walls in order to bring contrast and vibrancy to your interior space. When using glossy paint, prep work is of utmost importance, even more so than any other paint type. Thus, always consult with the experts before starting out.

The Best Interior Paint Option For You!

As you can tell by now, the best interior paint option for you depends entirely on your taste, preferences, and budget. The type of paint, colour, sheen and application method all play a role in how the finished product looks, and as such, to get the best out of any paint job it is essential to get all four of these components, bang on!

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