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Squamish Wood Finishing & Refinishing Specialists

The team at Top Coats Professional Painting are the wood finishing & refinishing specialists in Squamish. We’re a full-service painting & staining company that has worked with countless clients through the Sea to Sky Corridor in the high-end, new-build & renovations, re-paints and wood finishing & revitalization category. From newly stained/finished wood timbers or deck boards and beyond, to a full on wood restoration project, we have you covered.
Interior & Exterior House Painters in Squamish Top Coats Professional Painting
Interior & Exterior House Painters in Squamish Top Coats Professional Painting

Are the wood elements of your home looking worse for wear?

If they’ve seen better days, your first instinct might be to replace them with new materials. However, restoring the look and feel of your wooden items can be a much more cost-effective method than outright replacement. Make your features look new again with the wood refinishing experts in Squamish, BC.

Custom Finishing

Finishing the woodwork features involves the proper preparation, colouring/recolouring, and then top coating techniques to the wood surface. Once the proper colors are in place, we then start to seal, and topcoat the wood using a brush or spray application process depending on your project. (Where applicable)

Our Wood Finishing & Refinishing Process

Our wood finishing & refinishing process consists of two very distinct operations:

  1. Wood surface preparation
  2. Wood finishing/refinishing.

Without the proper preparation, the quality of the finish will not reach its complete potential.


This preparation for the finish includes:

  • Pressure washing/cleaning and mold mitigation (where applicable)
  • Dust-free sanding of all the wood features
  • Chemical washing/brightening (where applicable)
  • Any patching or filling (where applicable)
  • Final dust-free sanding to get the pores of the wood ready to accept stain
  • Tack cloth cleaning to remove any surface dust or debris before stain
  • Your wood is now ready to accept stain

This preparation stage is an opportunity to build beauty and quality into the work through diligent attention to detail.

Trusted Squamish Wood Restoration Company

At Top Coats Professional Painting we’re professional residential and commercial painters with an eye for restoring beautiful homes and businesses. Part of that job entails restoring and revitalizing outdated wood elements of your property. Restoring the natural allure of older wood is one of our passions. The art of wood restoration is considered extremely delicate, and that is why we are so focused on techniques that return wood features back to their glory days.

Your Source for Quality Wood Finishing & Restoration

When it comes to wood decking, and other wooden features, even the most meticulous homeowners know it takes regular maintenance to keep them in beautiful condition. At the end of your project we can sign you up for our recurring maintenance program and provide you with a maintenance schedule that works for you to keep your newly treated wood features protected and looking sharp. Our team at Top Coats Professional Painting proudly offers wood finishing & restoration services in Squamish and the Sea to Sky Corridor. No matter the type or condition of the wood, our seasoned wood specialists have the right tools and skills needed for any job.

The Benefits of Hiring a Reliable Wood Finishing and Refinishing Company in Squamish

When hiring a professional wood finishing and refinishing team, the benefits can be immense.

Below are a few reasons why you should book a free consultation with us today!

Client Partnership focussed. We don’t just provide a service, we provide a connection

Give the wood features of your home some love and make them stand out in your neighborhood

Rejuvenating the wood features of your home can help increase the value of your property
Wood finishing and refinishing is much more difficult than the interior. Save yourself countless headaches, and stress
Restoring the look and feel of your wood features can be a much more cost-effective method than outright replacement
We will put you on a recurring maintenance program to keep your investment protected and looking sharp for years to come

Committed To Quality & Service

When you are looking for a residential painting company in Squamish, you want quality work so that your space represents your home in the best light. Top Coats has a team of highly-qualified, and experienced painters that deliver on each project. We are confident in our ability to provide top-quality service and workmanship. That is why we back all our work with a 2-year warranty to top it all off. When you work with Top Coats Professional Painting, you have a team of people committed to your project’s success.

We Only Use the Best Paint Products

At Top Coats Professional Painting we only use top quality, eco friendly products from trusted brands like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Cloverdale Paints. We believe our customers should be well informed in every aspect of our job, that includes their health benefits as well as ours. Through the use of low or 0 VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paint products you can be rest assured you and your family will be kept out of reach of harmful odorous vapours.

Proudly Serving Squamish and The Sea to Sky

Top Coats Professional Painting is proud to provide top-quality residential painting services to: 

• Brittania Beach • Horseshoe Bay • Pemberton • West Vancouver • Whistler •

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